Meet the Staff

Welcome Tiger,

Identifying as a “First-Generation student” can mean a lot of different things to you. You may have felt overwhelmed with the application process, and now are feeling anxious about leaving your family back at home, learning the jargon that comes with college, navigating resources, choosing a major, moving in with a roommate, figuring out your financial aid, and much more. This guidebook (link below) is meant as a simple tool for First-generation students to navigate this large institution and all its resources and give you tips/tricks on how to be a successful Mizzou Tiger. Reach out anytime with questions or concerns.


Selena Meints

First-Generation Initiatives Coordinator

First-Generation Student Success Standing Advisory Board

The mission of the First-Generation Student Success Standing Advisory Board is to support first-generation students at University of Missouri from recruitment to graduation through campus-wide advocacy and collaboration. 

Board Members:

  • Jeremy Bloss- McNair Scholars
  • Stephanie Raymond-TRiO SSS
  • Alex Embree- Office of Financial Success
  • Joshua Brown- Student Accountability
  • Cynthia Travis- Financial Aid
  • Katie Ogan- CAFNR Advising
  • AnDrea Jackson- Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
  • Matthew Zumwalt- Residential Life
  • Teresa Pinhero- Health Sciences Advising
  • Nadia Irsheidat- Transfer Center
  • Raquel Arouca- Graduate School
  • Cecilia Olivares- Advising Initiatives
  • Robin Harris- School of Nursing
  • Patrick Elmore- Admissions
  • Anna Romero- Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
  • Audrey Francis- Honors Advising
  • Jill Kline- Libraries