First-Generation Scholarships

The best way for students to increase their chance of receiving a scholarship is by filling out all of the questions in ScholarshipUniverse each year. Students are asked questions about demographic, academic, and extracurricular information. We ask students to make an update each year because some questions (current GPA, current academic year, career interests) may change overtime. Because some scholarships have very specific criteria, knowing that a student is from a rural high school, interested in a certain major, etc. can help the Scholarship Coordinators pair them with that scholarship. Each college/department has different awards given to First-Generation students.

Internal Scholarships:


A&S (Check out your specific department for scholarships as well)

Trulaske College of Business

College of Education & Human Development

College of Health Sciences Click on the Richard E. and Carol B. First-Generation Scholarship

Honors College

School of Journalism

Sinclair School of Nursing

There are also external scholarships outside of Mizzou as well! Please email to get the most current compiled list of these outside scholarships specific for First-gen students.